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Norm, Variation, Deviation, Recombination

What is norm? In discussions on Evolutionary psychology this question has been appearing permanently.

There is no “just norm”.

But everybody works with norms.

Every science must work with norms.

So, norms must be.


This article is made of chapter 5 of book “Sex and rankwith some additions and abridgements.


Norm, Variation, Deviation, Recombination


Simple ‘normality’ does not exist, just as simply ‘normal’ people do not exist. ‘Normality’ and ‘normal’ people must be defined through what is required of them. For instance, if we ascribe a norm to the evolutionary highway, then there appears the ‘norm of the evolutionary highway’. This means that the individual meets the demands of the evolutionary highway. Read more…


The Human Hill

The Human Hill: A Scary Urban Legend

The human hill is a system of organization of society where a person’s function is reduced to performing their social function and where the sum of the functions performed leaves no space for liberty.

Ants build ant hills not because they want to but because that is the result of their performing their programs. The ant hill is the sum of programs performed by numerous ants. The transition to the human hill is a transition from conscious life to life directed by momentum – unconscious life reduced to the functions of an ant-human-cog being.

The ant is a cog. But the human can also become a cog. 

On Truthout


Mass society and revolutions: why revolutions fail


Mass society and revolutions: why revolutions fail


Isn’t good translation

There is something wrong in recent revolutions, both Arabic and Occupies. They are missing something. Yes, the overthrowing of presidents is fun and interesting. But what do we have besides it? So it turns out that there is no other content than the negation in the revolutions there. Read more…

Equality and Diversity in a Partnership

Equality and Diversity in a Partnership


This article is made of chapter 40 of book “Sex and rank” with some additions and abridgements.


Are alpha-males existed?

Official science hasn’t answer.

Two women have a talk:

‘Are alphas? Nonsense! We aren’t monkey!

‘But I SEE what N is alpha-male!

Consensus on the base of perception isn’t possible.

Some women see alphas, some women don’t see.

Read more…

All Downhill From Here

This essay talks about the modern state of social sciences, their role in the life of society and in modern day revolutions, and about the future prospects of society itself in light of modern social science.

If you look around the world today, you get the feeling that something seems to be missing. In the news we’re witnessing the usual events; civil unrest, revolution, political change, all apparent as usual, but all seeming to lack a certain direction.

Take revolution, for example. We have observed, in recent years, a number of revolutions, all with the seeming sole objective of creating change in the ruling political groups. Whilst this might seem like standard order for a revolution, there was a time when it was about more than this. When revolutions were about social purpose, as well as anger.


The Postinformational

Sergei Morozov talks about the ways in which mass society’s information awareness has changed in recent decades, the global repercussions of that and how that has affected the future prospects of society which often referred as the Information society.

Every time something new appears, people’s expectations tend to be a little overinflated. That is tradition. The transition to an Information-based society has been talked about since the early 70′s. There wasn’t unfounded: information technology had begun to really change the world. These changes, qualitative changes to every aspect of life, were clearly visible.





4. The Evolutionary Highway

4. The Evolutionary Highway

In modern society it is difficult to comprehend what kind of behaviour is good in people and what is bad. What is good for some is bad for others, and any event may be viewed by different people as either good or bad. Therefore the variants ‘good-bad’ for researching human biology are not applicable, at the level of individual people. But if as a unit of measurement we take the population of a human community, there is a criterion: the success of that population. If a population is successful then we can say what is good or bad for it.

Human populations compete in a struggle for resources, including territorial. If a population is to be successful it needs to have those qualities that would enable it to resolve that task. In the modern world, where there is the division of labour, defining these qualities is difficult because to achieve victory very many qualities are needed. Therefore for the integrity of the experiment it is better to turn to the recent past, when this conflict involved quite a narrow circle of warriors.

These warriors need health, physical strength, intellect and self-control. By intellect here we mean the ability to set and solve tasks in the struggle for external resources, and not the ability to adapt, not the ability to feed off their fellow tribe members.

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