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Sex and Rank


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The book Sex and Rank thoroughly corresponds to its title, as it is about sex and how sexual relations are predetermined by programs of rank which have come down to modern man from his distant ancestors.

Sex and Rank relates how partners are chosen, how different types of partner interact, how with age preferences shift in the choice of partner and relationships. Sex and Rank proposes a radically different approach to the relationships between the sexes in modern society based on the ancient programs that emerged in the process of evolution and the struggle of groups for resources. Sex and Rank in the third instance relates where this behavior came from, in the second describes how these types of behavior works and firstly how they are to be utilized in the modern world.

The book describes in plain language the most complex aspects of the nature of human relationships. It will be of interest and comprehensible to anyone wishing to make sense of the relationships between men and women, from teenagers to specialists.

The book does not consider such questions as ‘why are two sexes necessary?’ or ‘why did we lose our body hair?’ Sex and Rank is a practical book. It can be used as a self-help manual (as ‘DIY’) in which you can always find yourself and those around you, and which can be used as an effective way of constructing your own life.

Free chapters:

4 scientific

1 popular DIY – Equality and Diversity in a Partnership

What types of men prefer different types of women?

Where did the ‘real men’ go?

What in the irrational behaviour of women is really irrational?

What is the cause of ‘causeless’ female aggression?

How can an effective strategy of getting acquainted be selected?

How do female preferences change with age?

By what system does the woman change her partners?

What are the causes of homosexuality?

Which husbands do wives allow mistresses?

How can the prospects of success when getting acquainted be assessed?

Why should the owner of a small penis nevertheless buy a big car?

Why should a man pay attention to trivia?

Why are mature women drawn to exotica?

What is not accurate in the phrase ‘inferiority complex’?

When does a woman want to be deceived?

Where does the norm originate?

What is not right when a woman goes hunting for skulls?

Why are talents not inherited?

How does a woman quickly lose interest in sex?

Why do women not say what they mean?

Just what kind of striptease should a mature man be shown?

What kind of family should be maintained, and what should not?

What do an aristocrat and an animal have in common?

Why should a woman lose her head?

What kind of man should not have his ear tickled?

Where does homophobia originate?

Why do some men ‘calm down’ with age and others not?

Why do men see a shortage of women, and women a shortage of men?

Who should a girl sleep with when there is no-one she loves to sleep with?

Who should a woman pleasure orally and who not?

Why does a vibrator not do the trick and how can it be made to work?

What is the meaning of meanings?

Why does the overwhelming majority of attempts by young men to get acquainted with young women fail, despite technologies?

Why do healthy people go for BDSM?

Why should one not have one’s first sexual experience with a prostitute?

Why do mature women not take an interest in young men?

How do women choose their partners?

With whom are women unfaithful, and who do they remain faithful to?

What are the criteria whereby men choose their women?

Can a woman get a man to fall in love with her? And vice versa?


1. Terms of Reference

2. The World of Conflicting Groups

3. Sociobiology in under 1000 Words

4. The Evolutionary Highway

5. Variation, deviation, recombination

6. Instincts, Programming, Behaviour

7. Programs: Optimization

8. Chimpanzees: Ranks and Privileges

9. The Savannah Principle.

10. Chimpanzees – Evolutionary Highway – Man

11. The Role of Infantile Behaviour

12. The Family

13. Village – Town – Civilization

14. Man: Ranks and Privileges

15. The Alpha

16. The Free Choice of Partner

17. Reflexes versus Programs

18. The Path of Man. A Poetic Digression

19. Expansiveness and Selectivity

20. The Troop: from Gombe to Tai

21. Woman and Her Stages

22. Woman. The First Stage: The Search for Suitability

23. Discomfort and Aggression

24. Woman. The Second Stage: the Search for Quality

25. Sociality

26. Woman: The Third Stage. Imitation

27. Freud and Adler

28. Woman. Social Mistakes

29. Polygamy

30. The Man’s Choice

31. Grooming

32. The Female Language

33. The Woman and the Alpha

34. Imprinting

35. A Man’s Love

36. Man: Behavioural Peculiarities

37. Delight: an Additional Mechanism

38. To Show and to Look

39. The Concealment of Sex

40. Equality and Diversity in a Partnership

41. The Pseudo-alpha

42. Meanings. A Philosophical Digression

43. The Orgasm

44. Program Glitches

46. Infantilism

46. Jealousy

47. Homosexuality

48. Violations of Female Selectivity

49. Society as Selection Environment

50. BDSM

51. Humiliation and Abuse

52. Alphas and Civilization

53. Causes of Degeneration

54. Trivia

55. Irrationality

56. The Heterosis Effect: A Hypothesis

57. The Main ‘Deviation’




Love 22

Aristocratic birth 36

Biological quality 4

Compensation 27

Degeneracy 49, 52

Energy 17

Health 5

Homophobia 6

Identification of the alpha 15

Imprinted choice of woman 34

Inferiority complex 27

Skull-hunting 7

Sperm wars 29

Talents 28

Technologies of getting acquainted 22

Testing of sex technologies 26

The chosen one 8, 21

The ‘No!’ instinct 19

Woman’s move to another clan 7

Variability 4

Vibrator 33

Youth hyper-sexuality 39


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